Bible Study Groups
Make Disciples That Make Disciples

The Bible Study Groups of FBC Bremen models after the New Testament church. What that means is that we want to purposefully promote and encourage groups and individuals to grow in their walk with God, be engaged with each other as family,  and minister to the world throughout the week.  

We believe a Bible Study Group is made up of a family of servants sent out as missionaries by God to make disciples who make disciples.
Bible Study Groups are where we gather together, worship and submit to Jesus in all of life (7 days a week) by learning to love one another as family, serve the “least of these” in our midst, be a witness to the good news of Jesus Christ, and helping each person grow in our walk with God.
As these Bible Study Groups grow, they multiply into more groups living on mission. When several Bible Study Groups begin to work together to uniquely express the gospel in their area or neighborhood, we call that a network. A network is led by the leaders from the involved Bible Study Groups. These networks operate under the protection and authority of the Director and gather together at different times and different ways for equipping, worship, training and to jointly serve in their area.

The process of making disciples through the Bible Study Groups focuses on 4 words. 


The first step in making disciples is telling people the Good News about Jesus by engaging life together. We do this by locating, targeting, and ministering to individuals, groups, and cultures as a team, not just as individuals. This is where the journey of discipleship begins. 


The second step in discipleship is being built up as a believer. Day by day more mature brothers and sisters help us build our faith, study His word, and enjoy Christian fellowship with different ages, nationalities, and cultures. 


As we grow in our Christian maturity, we become equipped for leading Christian work. This refers to every Christ-follower finding his/her role in serving Jesus, as equally important parts of the body of Christ.


As we joyfully embrace our role in the body of Christ, we become part of a beautiful tapestry, a synergistic ministry of Disciple-Making. More and more we get to see a powerfully increasing wave of discipleship impact on our world: on individuals, families, workplaces, schools, and communities. 

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