Sunday School

At Bremen First Baptist, Bible study is our top priority. With the Bible as our textbook, we seek to lead all members to encounter God and to make positive responses to Him. All Sunday School classes meet every Sunday at 9:15am. We encourage your participation and welcome your suggestions.  


All Bible study groups are open to any and everyone. There are no requirements to attend. Age designations only reflect average age of current class members and are not meant to preclude anyone. Bible study membership is to be distinguished from church membership. Any person may become a member of a Sunday school group without becoming a church member or without being baptized.

Friends & Fellowship

Each of our Bible study groups works at being friendly and open to all people. Parties, fellowships, and outings are planned to help members get to know each other better. Classes serve as extended families during times of crisis and times of celebration. The sharing of personal needs is encouraged and prayer is always an integral part of each class.

Room Locations

Our Welcome Center is located in the office area of the Sanctuary/Main level of our building. If assistance is needed in locating a room, just follow the directional signs to our Welcome Center where someone can aid you. A greeter will be glad to help you and escort you to the appropriate Bible study. Below you will find a directory of available classes and a map of our campus layout.