Give Thanks

We are commanded in scripture to give thanks in everything we do.  In our "me driven" culture it can be hard sometimes live this life of gratitude. Yet as parents and childrens workers it is a great desire to not only model but help our children learn to live out a life of gratitude.  I know personally that when I am grumpy or frustrated, taking a moment to stop and think of things I am grateful for greatly improves my mood and my day.  As we approach Thanksgiving we have an increased emphasis on being thankful.  In light of that I wanted to share with you some of the things we will be doing at church to encourage our kids to be more thankful and an idea you might use at home.

Beginning this Wednesday, November 2, we will be issuing a gratitude challenge to our kids.  We will have gratitude trackers that our kids can use throughout the month.  Front and back it includes 29 squares.  Each day our kids will pick on square, look up and read that squares Bible verse, and then record three things they are thankful for.  This would even be fun to do as a family at the dinner table or in the mornings before school.  Any child who returns a form with at least 20 boxes completed will receive a prize.

Also beginning this week we will have a giant pumpkin on the wall in the studio between the two restrooms.  Our goal is to fill this pumpkin up with things we are thankful for by the end of the month.  Anyone who visits the studio, kids and adults alike, will be welcome to share their thanks.  This is another idea you could use as a family and one I am considering.  I saw where another family bought a pumpkin (you could use real or fake).  They laid a sharpie by the pumpkin and throughout the month the family filled it with things for which they are thankful. How fun would it be to use fake pumpkins, label them with they year and use them as decorations in future years to be able to look back and remember life at that stage. 

I encourage you as we head into a busy time of year to take time to give thanks and encourage your children to do so as well.  If you as an adult would like to join us on our gratitude challenge you download the front and the  back, or see Ms. Lucinda on the children's hall for a copy. I am thankful for this church and the children I get the privilege of working with each week.

Lucinda Gibson