Family Mission Opportunity

End your summer in style this year.  On Saturday, July 30, our church will host several Backyard Bible Clubs in our community.  This is an amazing opportunity for your whole family.  You as a family can work together to serve with love.  Our events will be held in multiple locations from 2PM-6PM.  We will have games, crafts, Bible story, lots of fun and end with a hot dog cookout.  In order for this day to be a success we need our entire church family to get on board.  People of all ages can be involved.  All you need are willing hands and a loving heart.  I have young kids you might say.  That's okay.  Bring them with you.  Let them participate in the activities.  They can be on mission as well.  Talk to them about being a light.  They are sharing God's love when they participate and act nicely toward the other kids.  Invite grandparents and other family members to all serve together.  Encourage your friends in Sunday School to join you.  Mission trips take time and money.  They are not always feasible when you have young children.  I hope you all have the opportunity to participate in a mission trip someday but this opportunity requires very little.  Four hours of your summer. No money. No travel arrangements and an activity you can do with the whole family. Don't let this precious opportunity to serve as family, teach your children by example, and enjoy a fun day with others pass you by.  Sign up in the connector hall today!

Lucinda Gibson