Five Reasons We Love Family Worship

This Sunday our church will observe what we call Family Worship. This year we will hold Family Worship the last Sunday of each month.  On this Sunday we will not have Studio Kids Children's Worship for our elementary children.  (Our preschool worship will still be available for children from birth through Kindergarten.) For the other three to four Sundays of a month we offer an excellent children's worship experience for our elementary school students that includes a time of praise of worship, a time of offering, a game that connects to our lesson, and a lesson time that expands on the same subject we discussed in Sunday school that morning.  On that last Sunday, though we have Family Worship.  This is a time for our elementary children to attend worship with their family.  Children are always welcome to attend worship with their parents but we have set aside the last Sunday of the month for this specific purpose.  On Family Worship Sundays we will pass out FBC Kids Worship Guides at the end of Sunday School.  If your child does not receive one you will find them in a basket beneath the television in the gathering space.  This worship guide is designed to help your child engage in the service.  These are available all the time in the gathering space and on the children's hall. Please feel free to have your child use these for any service not just family worship.  Going to visit grandma's church? Pick up a guide to take with you and help your child engage.  On the front of the guide your child will find a fellowship hymn to help them connect with the other church members. Inside the guide you will find a variety of ways to help your child engage during the message.  These methods include a place to take notes, a tally section to see which word Bro. Herman(or whoever is preaching) says the most, a place to draw a picture of what they hear the pastor preaching on, and a place to record questions or words they may not understand.  This guide will also open up great conversations as a family after you have left church. 

Here are five reasons I love family worship.

1. Families get to worship together- I do not find much sweeter than to see my children worshipping God.  I have always enjoyed the opportunity to sit side by side with my family members, such as my husband, my sister, parents, grandparents and know we are worshipping God together.  It's a bonding moment.  The same is with my children.  My greatest prayer for my children is that they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and they will worship Him out of their love for Him. It is important for children to see their parents engaged in worship of God.

2.Children get to see and be ministered to by their ministers- Our children are a part of our church.  They need to know who their pastor and other ministers are.  By coming to cooperate worship they get to know Bro. Herman, Bro. Andy, and Bro. Tyler.  They are a part of our church and Bro. Herman is their pastor as much as he is my pastor.  They need to know who he is and see his love for Jesus.

3.Children get to connect with the rest of our church family- Children are as much a part of the church family as anyone else.  To understand what a church family and to feel a connection with that church family, children need to spend time with that family.  Benefits to our children's mental, emotional, and spiritual health from spending time among the many generations of our church are numerous.  Let me say a word to those of you who do not have children. You can do much to encourage our children and families by being loving and welcoming to these children.  They are learning how to worship and act as a Christian not only by watching their parents but also by watching you, the rest of their church family.  Reach out to them, be understanding, encourage them, begin to build a relationship with those that sit beside you each month.  You might be surprised at the joy they could bring to life by interacting with them.  We have some incredible kids at our church who love Jesus.

4. Children get to learn how to worship and how to be reverent- Life with Jesus is fun but no one deserves more respect and honor than our Lord. In our children's worship we are striving to teach the children about our elements of worship and why we do them on their level. We encourage times of reverence in our children's  worship. By being in cooperate worship with their families and watching the others in the sanctuary, our children are learning appropriate behavior. This is prime teaching time as parents.  For others it is a time to model and encourage.  This prepares them for the time when they join the student ministry and are a part of cooperate worship each week.

5. Our children's worship volunteers get refreshed- This one is not about the kids but it is directly related and affects our children.  In children's worship we do not rotate workers although at times we do ask for extra volunteers.  We have a children's worship team that has committed to be in our children's worship every Sunday for a year.  In order to feed you have to be fed.  If nothing is being poured into you, you have nothing to pour out.  These workers are incredible.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude to God for the team he has given our church to lead.  Often when they are leading or teaching I am fed myself.  By giving them the opportunity once a month to join the rest of the church family and be fed by Bro. Herman they will be better equipped to pour out Jesus on our children.  Our children will gain from that.

I look forward to worshipping beside you and your families this Sunday morning.  As always my door is always open if you have any questions or I can help you with anything.



Lucinda Gibson